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What We Can Do For You ? 

In the search for ways to beat the sun & look good at the same time.

We finally came accross with the idea without getting burnt by installing quality films, this was a decade ago.

We have since been hunting down many ways to improve the way you live at your home, office or even a nice drive to the beach without thinking of all the harsh UV & heat.


We've been in the industry for many years and have the knowledge, techniques & technology to get the job done first time every time.​


Memory Laine

In the beginning of time where the big bang began the sun was born.

With the sun's great vitamine D comes with all that harsh UV, unwanted heat & glare.

This is where our story begins as a window tinting & signage service to Melbourne - Geelong - Ballarat.


Not getting any luck while driving to the beach & noticing the arms are burnt from just a drive.

So we always need to put sunscreen just to get out & about which is pain once you use it up.


So we tried many meathods to provent this & had no luck until we were intruduce with ELITE & SolarGuard.

They worked like a charme and ever since we've been useing them on every thing.

Houses, Buildings, Cars, Vans, 

The film you can depend on when it comes to quality & peace of mind.


Co finder & Director, Danny has started this ongoing & growing small family business to what it has become.

Been in the industry for custome films & signage Danny has the skills & education to complete any job required.


From Danny- " As I first started in this industry I had no idea I was going in the Tint & Signage side from a graphic designer.

But thanks to all my family & friends for the support, I slowly crept up from fabricating signs to installation & creating custom decals & films until I started install films for real estate, banks & corprate building.

Environmentally friendly safety services.


When it comes to our environment, we mean business.

We've come up with ways to reuse and recycle wasted tints and backing paper to help improve the environment and to reduce waste.

Our commitment to sustainability.

We’re part of the community.

The team that cares.


Meet our team face to face when it comes to serving your needs as we come to you.

This is the part when you will fill more relaxed and less confused when we're at your door step and going through every moment and question you have for our team. 

Takes away overload of questions over the phone.


BOOK US IN NOW 0432 347 612 or email us at

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