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Can you imagine going home from a hard days work and have the sun follow you every where.

Making everything hot and sticky and extremly unpleasent.


Well at MEDE TINTING we dedicate ourselfs to keeping you & your family cool and protected by all that harsh UV rays all year round, with our amazing range of films we have for offer.


Wheather your on a budget, want some style or just keep all the nusties away we can help.























Tint works by simply having our quality films installed on your glass windows by our trained profesinals.

- It reduses the heat as soon as we install the film and you otice the difference in an instante 

- 99% UV resistant (Stops Skin canncer & surrounding house holds & office equipment are UV free)

- 3 Layer poly film with agrisive adhesive, polyester film layer & scratch resistant coating.

- Strengthen's windows & reduces the chances of shatering glass when hit hard.






- Solar Energy Rejected up to 84%

- Reduce glare up to 95%. No more glare from televisions or computer monitors

- Rejects 99% Ultraviolet radiation

- All your picture frames, furniture, curtains and floor will be protected with 99% of UV     

   light blocked out

- Helps cool temperature down quicker, the air conditioner only needs to be turned on for a shorter      period of time which means that the electricity bill will be far less

- In winter heaters only need to be turned on for shorter periods as tinting helps keep the warmth in    & acts just like insulation 

- Depending on the darkness of the film, tinting windows makes it more difficult for prying eyes to        look in

- Adds security as well as privacy

- Reduces the hazards of shattering glass

- Add some style into your home, looks great & fills good too 

- Add value to your properties investment by having your windows tinted 




Having your windows tinted will add privacy for your whole family.

Depending on the darkness of tint installed. The darker the tint the more it blocks out from prying eyes.


NOTE:  During the day no one can see inside considering the amount of light outside.

At night people would be able to see if light inside is greater.
So we suggest that you have your curtains or blinds drawn down during night for max privacy.




Having the frost films installed will automatically add privacy and block out vision from outside and inside.

Extremely great for newer front doors, entrances, bathrooms, toilets, shops, office, banks, etc. 


We have a wide range of privacy films to offer, from White frost, sparkle, dusted all the way to your custom decorative films & even add your own logo intergrated on your glass.




Block out films act just like that. Black blocks out light while white blocks most light still letting a small amount through. Adds privacy outside and inside.

Some instillation methods may be installed in studios, photography, cinema rooms etc.




All window films act as a form of safety film hold shattered glass together and minimizes the risk of injury by flying fragments of glass in the event of breakage.

Another benefit with our range of window tints have a scratch resistant layer to protect the film from unwanted scratches. Protected from children’s finger prints, scratches & also your pets.  



Windows with safety film installed helps to hold shattered glass together and minimizes the risk of injury by flying fragments of glass in the event of breakage.
This is one of the best ways to retrofit a security blanket on the windows of a building to provide substantial protection for people and property from the dangers of broken, falling, flying, shattering or exploding glass.


Window tint’s and other films also help with adding extra strength to windows similar to safety film.

Anti graffiti is applied to the exterior of windows to protect your windows from getting graffitied on.
Spray can’s, markers, scratches etc.

Save’s you from replacing the whole window and save’s you a fraction of the price. 
Also can be installed on mirrors, glass top tables.    




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